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Rooting the WINK Hub with Windows

2015-02-13 2 min read Home Automation
I do have a Linux machine in the house but that is on a Pi running as a squeezelite client for my house music collection. So looking at the instructions on the web I have translated them for use in Windows. Of course I have use PowerShell! The only addition I have is I use Kitty as a SSH client. This uses the approach @ Open up the box and plug in the WINK unit. Continue reading

Integrating ISY into OpenHAB

2015-01-01 2 min read Home Automation
I am in the process of setting up OpenHAB for the extra functionality in my house. I have the ISY unit setup as the core brains for switches and scenes. All the other magic is in OpenHAB so if OpenHAB goes down the main functions of the house work. I wanted to get the OpenHAB system to be able to get the status from the ISY unit and also changes states. Continue reading

Home automation with ISY and PowerShell

2014-10-30 1 min read Home Automation
I am playing with ISY and automation in my home, looking at the universal devices page today I found the API for working with the unit. Turning to trusty PowerShell I came up with the following code to enable you to start interacting with the unit remotely. Ill look at a proper module at some point in the future but this increases the possibilities of the unit! [code] function Invoke-IsyRestMethod { param ( $RestPath ) $isyEndPoint = “http://192. Continue reading