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PowerShell Cron Script

2021-01-22 3 min read General
I was looking for a way to schedule jobs and yes windows has a task scheduler built in, however I wanted a bit more flexibility and less complexity. On the unix platform you can use cron. It is a scheduler that uses a simple format to define the time when the process should start and the process command. I was going to look at using it when I thought about the parsing that would be needed, I dod not want a system that much that I would write a cron parser. Continue reading

When is true not true?

2010-05-31 1 min read General
When you look at true stored in the .Net framework. While playing with Pex I found out a interesting fact that the bool is a byte in the MSIL. Which means that a bool could be euqal to anything on the byte range… Now this would require you to go out of your way and create unsafe code blocks to do this. Why you would do this… No ideas :) Its marked as a no-fix which is not supprising as I would not fix it either becase as they say, if you know about this and you use it then you are on your own. Continue reading

ToodleDo DF Update

2010-05-24 1 min read General
Made a few fixes, I am also working on a simple API after dusting off some old work I had. This will allow interaction from the desktop and eventually a cached mode. V 0.20.1005.2301 - Created link in options to edit css styles. - Fixed issue where focus mode would not take window out of topmost mode.