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Queries - SQL

Compared to the previous query language the new X version is more complex and powerful. There are a couple of key differences:

  • The language is SQL based, if you know SQL you can use pretty much any query you can use in SQL. Please create an issue here if you hit a problem.
  • If you want to make a fully custom query you need to select all the columns * at the moment unless you are grouping by. Selection of individual fields to generate a table is a future feature.

By default you should only need the conditions of the SQL query, that is everything after the WHERE clause including the WHERE for example WHERE status->indicator != "x" AND path LIKE '%Journal%' LIMIT 10 which will return all tasks not completed (x) with Journal in the path.

General Queries

Queries using file

basename is the name of the page

WHERE status->indicator = '!' AND file->basename = '2021-10-13'

You can also now query based on the creation date of the note the task is in.

WHERE status->indicator = ' ' AND moment(file->stat->ctime)->month() = 3

you can use mtime to access the modified time.

Object Properties & Functions

Object property

  • a -> b
  • a -> b -> c

Array member

  • a -> 1
  • a -> 1 -> 2

Calculated property name

  • a -> (1+2)
  • a -> (“text2 + “ “ + “more”)


  • myTime -> getFullYear()
  • s -> substr(1,2)

- JavaScript string functions can also be used

SELECT s->length FROM mytext


To group you need to specify the field and then ARRAY(_) AS tasks this will be more flexible over time but to get parity with the existing Tasks plugin it is constrained.

SELECT status, ARRAY(_) AS tasks FROM Tasks GROUP BY status

You can list tasks from your entire vault by querying them using a tasks code block. You can edit the tasks from the query results by clicking on the little pencil icon next to them. Tasks are by default sorted by status, due date, and then path. You can change the sorting (see query options below).


The result list will list tasks unindented. See #51 for a discussion around the topic. Do not hesitate to contribute 😊


The result list will not contain any footnotes of the original task. The footnotes will not be carried over to documents with ```tasks blocks.

The simplest way to query tasks is this:


In preview mode, this will list all tasks from your vault, regardless of their properties like status.

This is probably not what you want. Therefore, Tasks allows you to set query options to filter the tasks that you want to show. See “Filters” in the documentation menu.

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