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Template Rendering

This is a new feature that allows the user to specify the template used to render the query output. It works for the original and SQL based queries when enabled.

The default template is below. This is a single line to ensure it matches the current rendering. The template uses Handlebars ( to handle the rendering so the reference information is not duplicated here.


Available Helpers

Block Helper Name options Description
li None This is the top level list item html, it sets the needed attributes.
input None Will render the html input element and needed attributes
text None Creates the span that the visible texts sits in.
description None Renders the description of the task minus the attributes and tags.
moment {date} prefix=”S “ format=”YYYY-MM-DD” Renders the specified date using the default or specified format and adds the prefix in front of it.
priority None Renders the correct priority indicator
recurrence None Renders the recurrence string
backlink short=”true” Renders the link back to the page the task is on, if the short option is added it just renders the link icon.
editicon None Renders the edit icon to open the edit UI.

The if statement works as per the handlebars documentation and is used to only render the items if they are set.