Query All The Things

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Query All the Things is a flexible way to query and render data in Obsidian and from other Obsidian plugins


  • Use SQL based queries that are extensible and handle JSON and objects.
  • Query any data collection found in the Obsidian API.
  • Query data stored in Dataview as well as cached view of Dataview Data like tasks.
  • Render using Handlebars templates in HTML or Markdown
  • Use custom Handlebars helpers and/or provide your own.
  • Extend the SQL engine with custom functions.
  • Extend the Handlebars rendered with customer helpers


This stared as a fork of tasks focused on making queries against tasks more flexible in Obsidian, I wanted to be able to query more than this. This is similar to the amazing Dataview but I did not want to have to drop into JavaScript so much. This plugin has a dependency on Dataview for the data it stores on pages, it uses this to pull out the different tables of data to speed up running queries. This was done so I did not have to duplicate the work already done in Dataview.

Getting started


If you want to help out go ahead and fork and push back changes, more details on the development page.