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Filling your calendar for the week, increase productivity! Mileage may vary

2018-06-25 1 min read Productivity

I like to ensure my calendar gets filled for the next week, this way I know what is happening and it is hard to book a last minute meeting to surprise me. I guess this is a productivity hack. If you book more than a week out then you can take whatever time you want that is open.

Ideally no one books last minute but they do and it is really annoying to deal with. Just call me!!

Anyway here is a PowerShell script to block out your calendar for the next week using the Outlook COM API locally. I’m sure I can do the same with rest but I am not up for doing OAuth in PowerShell today. The code is not clean and tidy and has issues which I could fix if I could be bothered but it meets MVP. Feel free to suggest updates.