Using PowerShell core in Visual Studio Code on windows

Posted by Jon Bullen on 2019-03-15
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This is more for me than anyone else. If you want to move to PowerShell core in Visual Studio Code then do the following.

  1. Press CTRL + , to open settings.

  2. Enter Shell: Windows in the search box.

  3. Scroll down to Terminal > Integrated > Shell: Windows

  4. Click on ‘Edit in settings.json’ and add the following.

    “”: “C:/Users/${env:USERNAME}/scoop/apps/pwsh/current/pwsh.exe”,
    “”: “C:/Users/${env:USERNAME}/scoop/apps/pwsh/current/pwsh.exe”,

Now when the terminal is opened it will be using PowerShell Core. As I use Scoop to install items on my computers the path above reflects that, if you have powershell elsewhere then use that path.

To install the PowerShell Core / 6 got to

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