Using PowerShell core in Visual Studio Code on windows

This is more for me than anyone else. If you want to move to PowerShell core in Visual Studio Code then do the following.

  1. Press CTRL + , to open settings.

  2. Enter Shell: Windows in the search box.

  3. Scroll down to Terminal > Integrated > Shell: Windows

  4. Click on ‘Edit in settings.json’ and add the following.

    “”: “C:/Users/${env:USERNAME}/scoop/apps/pwsh/current/pwsh.exe”,
    “”: “C:/Users/${env:USERNAME}/scoop/apps/pwsh/current/pwsh.exe”,

Now when the terminal is opened it will be using PowerShell Core. As I use Scoop to install items on my computers the path above reflects that, if you have powershell elsewhere then use that path.

To install the PowerShell Core / 6 got to

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