New PowerShell module for Home Assistant

Posted by Jon Bullen on 2018-06-07
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So after making the PowerShell script for Home Assistant I decided to spend a hour and pull it together to be a full module and push it up to GitHub. This is now in place and support just turning a switch entity on and off.


Install-Module -Name PoshHomeAssistant -Scope CurrentUser


Before you can use it set the configuration, this can be done with the following command, set the key and url to match your environment.

Set-HomeAssistantConfiguration -AccessKey "YourAccessKey" -BaseUrl ""

To turn a light on and off run the following commands, they will return the state of the related entities for you to use if needed.

Set-HomeAssistantSwitchState -Entity "switch.2studylamp" -State On
Set-HomeAssistantSwitchState -Entity "switch.2studylamp" -State Off

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