This is a dump of me setting up Home Assistant on a Pine64 board I have. I am used to OpenHAB and have created bindings for it so this should be a new challenge and a way to see how well it works. The reason I am heading towards Home Assistant is the components it support fit some of my needs better. Also time to get to know python better :)

  1. Get DietPi, I am using DietPi_v127_PineA64-arm64-(Jessie) for this so over time some of the items may change, if you know what you are doing you should be good. It can be found at
  2. Write it to a SD card and boot the Pine64 up with the card in the SD slot.
  3. Find it on the network! I just looked at the DHCP logs for my router. It I hard wired into the network so easy to find.
  4. Use a SSH client(Kitty) to connect to it, it will prompt you a few times and update. I will assume you can handle this, eventually you will connect to the Pine64 and have a system ready to go. Login details: username = root password = dietpi Things you should do.
    • Change the root password.
    • Update the firmware as needed.
    • Install Samba or FTP server is you want to edit remotely.
  5. User setup, I like to create a user for my own use. So being creative I shall call it fred! Make sure you add it to the sudo group to run admin commands. sudo adduser fred sudo adduser fred sudo
  6. Install python 3: sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pip
  7. Install Home Assistant pip3 install homeassistant
  8. Start Home Assistant: hass