I do have a Linux machine in the house but that is on a Pi running as a squeezelite client for my house music collection. So looking at the instructions on the web I have translated them for use in Windows. Of course I have use PowerShell! The only addition I have is I use Kitty as a SSH client. This uses the approach @ http://www.dinnovative.com/?p=348

  1. Open up the box and plug in the WINK unit. Do not download any app or hook it up to the internet. If you do this the latest firmware will overwrite the ability to do the hack below without popping open the case and hitting the chip directly.

  2. When you have the pink flashing light open a laptop and connect to the WINK wireless network. It starts with WINKHUB….

  3. Open a browser and go to and you should see home page or a download prompt for a JSON file. If so all good!

  4. Open up a PowerShell instance.

  5. Run:

    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -Method Post -Body @{nodeId=‘a’;attrId=";dropbearkey -t rsa -f /root/.ssh/winkkey.dbprv.rsa > /root/.ssh/winkkey.rawpub.rsa;"}

    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -Method Post -Body @{nodeId=‘a’;attrId=";dropbearconvert dropbear openssh /root/.ssh/winkkey.dbprv.rsa /var/www/winkkey.rsa;"}

    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -Method Post -Body @{nodeId=‘a’;attrId=";grep ssh /root/.ssh/winkkey.rawpub.rsa > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys;"}

    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile winkkey.rsa

  6. You now should have the rsa key locally. If you are using kitty/putty you need to get putty gen and open the rsa file up and then save it as a putty version of the key. You can then open up putty/kitty and access the WINK hub.

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