Minecraft Mod Idea #284

Posted by Jon Bullen on 2013-09-24
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It would be nice to have items sorted in chests, I have set it up with pipes before but as I am playing in Hexxit at the moment, I want a more ‘magical’ way for this to happen. What I am thinking is that you have a master chest and slave chests. The master chest is linked to the slave chests and the slave chests have the id/name of the items it automagically gets when they are put in the master chest. To power this redstone needs to be placed in the master chest, the system will always keep at least 64 pieces of redstone in there and for every 64 items one redstone is used to ‘power’ the system. Here is the walk through of the system.

  1. Craft a special chest which requires a normal chest, ender pearl and 64 redstone.
  2. This is then placed down.
  3. Looking at the chest type /magicchestsorter set master {name}
  4. On the backend this chest is marked as {userid}_{name} to uniquely call it out.
  5. Next you craft another special chest with a normal chest and a ender pearl.
  6. This is then placed down.
  7. Looking at the chest type /magicchestsorter set slave {name}
  8. On the backend this chest is marked as a slave to the master chest.
  9. Looking a the chest type /magicchestsorter set types {id},{id},{id} where id is the Minecraft id.
  10. On the backend this chest is marked as a destination for these types.
  11. Go to master throw in a stack of redstone and some items.
  12. When the events fire it takes the items out of the chests and routes them to the correct destination and consumes redstone.

Going to implement this in forge as it has custom block types, not intending to make a custom skin for the chest at this point in time.

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