Tablet PC Icon Photo by ichibodI finally got me one of those new fangled netbooks with touch! I have been looking for a small form tablet PC for a while. So far it has been working as expected, the IO seems a little slow but I am uninstall a heap o apps and will defrag the poor thing shortly. The touch seems ok so far but I cannot wait to get OneNote 2010 on it to see how it rolls. It seems to come with a bit of bloatware and has office 2007 pre-installed. So farm I have removed:

  • Office 2007 + Language Packs - Will install Office 2010
  • Trend Micro Security - Will install MS Security Essentials

Ill see how the other applications go before removal. They keyboard is nice and responsive which is a bonus, I was always dubious hitting the small keys with fat fingers but it seems fine so far.