With a new PC at home I have re-purposed my old desktop as a home server. For the OS I have used windows Home Server. I have read about it and thought I was time to try it out.

Desktop Mod

First the Desktop, as I wanted to place it in a cupboard the case had to fit… It didn’t… Time for Screwdrivers, Bits of plastic, ducktape and a Stanley knife. My wife is still concerned. 1. Pull everything out of old case The cupboard in question and the case that would not fit (closer…) The cupboard in question and the case that would not fit As you can see from the pictures the case would not fit so I ripped all the components out and now the case lives in the garage as a spare. Nearly pulled apart   2. Sort out the motherboard mounting I used some old plastic containers and taped them together, that way there would be airflow behind the motherboard. I used some old plastic wall plugs for spacers and just pushed them into the plastic through a cross cut with the knife. Once that was done it was a simple job to screw the motherboard to the spacers. Planning the motherboardmount Motherboard mount ready to go Mounting the motherboard 3. Position everything. I stuck the motherboard to the side of the cupboard so it was out of the way and placed the power supply at the back of the case, there is plenty of ventilation. Motherboard in place 4. Create custom HD mounts. To mount the hard drives I had the option of cutting out the metal on the case for the mount or using a old shoe box… I went the shoe box It was quite sturdy and worked well and leave me room for a few more drives, as you can see from the picture there is plenty of ventilation room. Stacked in the cupboard and ready to close up 5. Tape on the lights and boot This is a blurry shoot of the cupboard with the door close, you can see the power and HD lights taped to the window so I can see what is happening with a glance. In all it is working well! Blured final  

Windows Home Server

If you do not know what this is click on the picture below, I have installed it to automate the desktop backups and to allow me to share the family picture, movies and music in one place. So far so good! Once I get my XBox 360 on the network I can use media sharing.