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Posted by Jon Bullen on 2005-12-19
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“I have finally got around to doing some upgrades, and I now have m y reading/to read list on the left. I got the reading/read bits from Absoblogginlutely and have added my own hack. Modify: wp-content/plugins/amm/amm_extras.php to make a nicer ratings. I have replaced the rating() funtion with the below data. Change the bold text to what ever you like. function rating() { //HACK: For 6=Read, 7=Reading data if ($this->currentItem['amm_rating'] == 6 ) { return '**Going to read**'; } if ($this->currentItem['amm_rating'] == 7 ) { return '**Reading**'; } return $this->currentItem['amm_rating']; }

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