“So, I ave a ton of photos, file, email, etc… How do you organise them in the system. Well here is the method I am attempting to use. This is more of a reference for me but hey, if you want to try it go for it. Photos I store them in a folder which makes up the date of the photo. Since most modern cameras use JPG, if the dat is set correctly the date and time of the photo is imbedded into the photo is self in the EXIF data. So I have the folders sorted by the following pattern. YYYY-MM-DD, this is the year, month and day in english. This has the advantage of a ever increasing number so they are sorted correctly. No You are saying how do I find photos, well.

  1. I know the dates of big events (Birthdays, etc)
  2. I use Picasa

Picasa has the excellent ability of being able to tage the images and being able to sort them by tags and categories. This measn the files sty in there years, months and days and I can still group them together. This is a concept of having seperate views on one set of data. If you look at the photo collector link on the left, I use this to take the photos from the camera.”