Writing in ASP.Net and C#

Posted by Jon Bullen on 2005-07-22
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“Of late I have been doing more and more in c# and ASP.Net. I am helping a friend out with the creation of a new site and a project at work I am on requires a timeline of actions to be rendered. I cannot find any components in the wild to do this so it looks like I will be writing one myself. Update: I have found a base Control that I can work with! Gantt Chart / Event Calendar / Calendar Planner The Idea will be to take a list of transactions and then display them on a time sequence, since some of them are in Parellel a Gnatt style chart seems the best. Once I have created the control I wll put it up for others. I am also nearly finished my MCAD, One more exam on XML Web Services. I have some great picture of Amelie and Anja playing in the front room, (Well Anja playing and Amelie just sitting). I will upload them this afternoon. Also I have been playing with Google Earth, it is great and I have some ideas to use it for some home videos.”

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