Posted by Jon Bullen on 2004-07-11
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“So, I have spent most of the day implimenting the Getting Things Done methodology. It is a fair bit of work, so far I have managed to get my inbox to zero and my task list to 33. I was very supprised. I have to go through the seperate task list next to see what is left and then for the Brain Dump! I have made a custom for for the Task Items. The outlook form just didn’t have the flexability for Projects and multi-Adgenda types in a nice way. So Now I have custom folders and the Script reads the folders for the Project/Agenda information. This gives the advantage of being able to trak project reference stuff with the project. I have made a sub folder for the projects with the same name as the project, this was done with future automation in mind if needed. I am quite happy with the ability of outlook so far, and I have only broken it once :) After this is done it is the review stage! (That and a lot of tasks pending on Monday!)”

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