“Hello all Here’s the report from London. Myth number 1: It’s easy to get a job in London Not true. I think that it would be easy to get a job if you were in administration or waitressing, but getting a professional job really takes some time. First you apply for the position. Then about a week later (if you’re lucky) the agency will ring you back and offer you a completely different job from the one you applied for that you are either too qualified for or not qualified for at all. They finally come up with an appropriate job, and send your resume to the company hiring the person. It sits around for a few days until they read it, and then they might get back to you for an interview, which for some reason or another will probably get cancelled. Jon’s CV has been sent to about 20 companies, none of which has actually resulted in an interview yet. In my case though, I’ve had no luck at all with agencies, the only two interviews that I’ve had are direct with companies, and nothing to do with agencies. Myth number 2: You can only afford to live in London if you live in a house with at least 6 other people. Unfortunately this one’s true. We’ve been looking around for a flat, and they are either stupidly expensive (around $1000 per week) or they are still pretty expensive but are missing a few things such as the ceiling or the entire bathroom. So we’ve pretty much decided to share with a Kiwi couple we’ve met and maybe one other person. We are waiting to hear back on a brilliant place we saw which is really nice and actually affordable. It’s also pretty big and has all the mod cons you would take for granted in Sydney. Myth number 3: It’s cold and rainy in London You guessed it, this one is true too. It’s rained every day since we’ve been here and you wouldn’t dream of going outside without your jacket. And they tell us that winter’s only just begun . . . Anyway, despite the weather and the expensive real estate prices and the slow job agencies, we’re doing ok. I’m 90% sure I have a job at a sport internet site called www.sportal.co.uk. It’s pretty funny because I know nothing about sport, but I guess I’ll have to learn. The job’s a business development one which is exactly what I’ve always wanted to do, so I’m pretty stoked. Should sign on the dotted line next week I hope. Jon’s getting there too, the agencies seem to be getting further, but we still have to wait and see whether they can actually organise some interviews. There might be some opportunities at Sportal for him too. Anyway, hope everyone is well. Keep writing. If you have a desire to send something to us here’s our address for the time being: C/- 1st Contact 68 North End Road West Kensington LONDON W14 9EP Keep emailing and catch you later. Jane and Jon”